How to ask a girl: three tips "ready" for a better love life

A man can do the most difficult thing is to ask a girl especially one that he finds himself having difficulty in talking The It was a problem from adolescence until they finally settled down with "wife wife". If you are having trouble talking to a girl and your dating life is suffering, then you may be looking for some help; it will help you learn how to get girls out and succeed. There is no reason to look again.

You need to know how to ask the girl the first thing is that you can use the correct skills and confidence in yourself to pick up the girl you want. However, this is not the two steps you need to know about how to get girls out and get a positive answer, but they are the right direction.

How to ask a girl: 3 tips to help you become confident you will get a "yes"

Tip 1 – Prepare yourself to talk about her

Men are one of the most common problems to ask girls are lacking in preparation. They often ask a girl to come out and not even consider what they should and should not say to her; put your feet in your mouth If you want to drink a drink to throw on your face or tap it, then it's good But if you want to let the girl say it successfully, then you need to know how to ask the girl in the right way

The right way to "ask the girl" means not to use vulgar, obscene and frequently used The gift made her notice. Remember that all women, in some form or another form, want to be flattered. Be sure to praise her as much as possible, but do not go beyond because it can do more harm than good … destroy your chance yes

Tips 2 – Prepare yourself in the spirit for her reaction

Before you go to a girl and ask her to come out before you prepare a " "The possibility of. After all, the chance of being rejected is higher than that from the girl who gets "yes". Think that the date is "hope the best, prepare the worst" like you will have any natural disaster. Always cool to refuse, just like you really do not care. If she says yes, do not jump joy. You want to meet a blasé asking her and her answer.

Tip 3 – Know who she is

If you want to see a good idea before you leap, this "how to ask the girl" Very important. After you're ready to talk to your girl and get rejected, you should consider who you are before you jump into the fire. After all, you might think she is everything you want, but when it arrives, she may not be the one you think of her

You can do this by entering her inner circle. When she talks, first open your eyes. When she speaks, pay attention to her, when she is looking for you to speak when you start talking. When she sees your attention to her instead of her body, she is more likely to give you an affirmative rather than a "wrong" answer. If you really want to use your dreams in the circle and the girl break the ice and tell a clean joke … good things that make her laugh

How to ask the girl: three off the wall The way you can be used to ask a girl

Now that you know how to get the girl out, it is time to learn all the way to ask them. Of course, you can ask her directly, she will give you the answer. But if you really want to have an impact (when you know her, you should do that), please consider one of the following three ways:

– Write

Did you notice the key theme? The key themes are: Prepare, prepare, prepare! If you do not know how to talk to the girl, do not know how to ask the girl, nothing will go the way. You will be sitting alone at home on weekends and want to know how to be so lucky in the world of dating in the world. Do not make this mistake. Prepare yourself for refusal, prepare yourself how to start talking to her, and by knowing if you are ready for yourself. Prepare in advance, you can ask the girl.