How to Build Your Backyard Bat Caves

Wait a minute. Will you tell me how to attract bats into my yard? Fly in your hair and vampire stuff?

Bats do not fly into anyone's hair unless you are a Holstein

South America, they will not suck your blood. And a single foraging bats

For decades, the Europeans have implemented insect control with a backyard bat box,

A small wooden sanctuary resembling a bat-perched aviary. Once established

Bats Colonies Can Help Paralyze Local Mosquitoes

Not only is the Bat Colony an eco-friendly alternative to pesticides,

They complement today's organic garden. Droppings from the bat house

Provides excellent fertilizers, high nitrogen. Unlike the electronic bug zapper, the bat

Do not be afraid of the birds in your yard

and the bat needs home. Natural habitats such as caves and hollow tree trunks

More and more scarce. The average suburban tree does not produce many good places

Surrounded by curious bats. Watching the park workers decay rotten branches

For Public Safety,

Where to Find a Shelter? "Many bats like old buildings

as they provide corners and cave perches, "Paul Gorenzel's

University of California, Davis ", but the new building is more compact and does not provide

A good home. "You can find colonies that contain tens of thousands of free bats

Live in the building or under the bridge

Backyard Bat House is a popular alternative habitat. Today the bat

Austin, Texas Conservation International reports more requests for bat rooms

Than the crazy phone about rabies. (Several bats contract rabies, if they do, soon

Death when sick. Even when rabies these shy animals rarely become aggressive.

If the invitation of the bat, the owner will be most successful if their bat

The house is located near the permanent water source. Bat house can be installed,

Desirably 20 feet tall, provided in the tree or pole, but attached to the building side of the house

Greater temperature stability. Entrance shall be free of obstructions

The new bat host must patiently wait for his guests. Year to 18 months

Typical waiting period for a bat colony. Most species are migratory,

Finding the right cave in winter hibernation. Hanging in the bat house

Autumn or winter can be prompted to occupy the following spring when migrating the bat


Small brown bat is the most likely bat to occupy your bat box. This one

Greedy Insectivorous Animals will feed aquatic insects, sometimes catching as much as possible

600 mosquitoes on their wings for an hour as they dart through the night sky. small

Brown bats often share its habitat with its relatives, large brown bats. Big

The brown bat is very strong and can remain active for a year. It likes beetles for it


For more information about Bat and Bat House visit the Bat Protection

International . For small donations of any size, you will receive one

Brochure for the Bat Foundation and a Building Construction Program

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