How to Buy a Stock

The stock market is definitely a risky game. We absolutely know that when the price is low, we should recover the stock, but how do we predict the price of the stock?

A good suggestion is to weigh the current stock price against its "current market value".

price and What is the difference between the value of the stock?

Basically, during the transaction, the price is determined by the market at that particular moment. The price can change within a few minutes, ie it fluctuates. The value of any given stock is the value (value) of its core business. It is highly stable compared to the price of the stock, because the value of the company can not change overnight. This is a good option if you can buy a stock at a lower price than the actual stock price. For example, a shared value of 200, the current price of only 100, you can get the same share of 50% discount. The probability that a stock's actual value may fall below 100 is rare.