How to Buy Stocks – Fundamentals of Investment

Many people often wonder, "How do I actually buy stock? The problem is certainly daunting, because the stock market seems to be a game of the rich.

Buying Stocks Stocks, both common and preferred, have never been easier to buy, and have never been easier for them to buy a stock than ever before. It seems like a daunting task to have a stockholder, but in simple terms, the stock is just a piece of paper that resembles a company's proprietary portion.Most large companies will issue stocks to raise cash, so if they cut 100

Instead of buying paperwork directly, most investors turn to stockbrokers. What is a stockbroker?

Not buying paperwork directly, but most investors turn to stock brokers. Think of a broker as a person who orders the stocks you want, do all the paperwork, and track your money, your income and your losses.