How to buy the right air compressor

Dan is a DIY guy. He wanted to do everything himself, install the wooden floor, and use the gun to paint his son's bike. Now he needs a new air compressor, because he had just passed the old life. He wants a new one for a long time, but his wife insists that he will continue to use the old until it breaks. Finally did he feel that he did not love his old compressor, and was happy to load it on his truck and put it on the garbage dump. Now, he has got rid of this old man, now is to find a new person.

Dan really wants to buy an air compressor and give him a lot of explosives. Remember that his wife will not let him spend a lot of money to buy one. She thinks it takes a lot of money to buy a big boy toy is a waste.

He decided to take some time to think. Grabbed his little note and began to record the basic elements of the new air compressor he needed. Fortunately, he agreed to share what I had just written there, so let's see:


Dan lost his wife complaining about how old his old compressor was noise. He wondered if she could not help it, why did she let him buy a new one soon? In any case, Dan never really cared about noise because he thought it was normal. But a few weeks ago he visited his friend's workshop and found his friend's air compressor just like a vacuum cleaner running on the next door, making noises. He was so quiet that he asked, found that this is a kind of oil-free, so the noise factor is low. He is taking notes to make sure he buys oil-free compressors and makes his wife complain less at work


His old compressor is fixed, so when he wants to work in his own workshop, he relies on really long wires and hoses. He does not mind his wheels made of hard plastic.

Fast As long as he can easily move it, he is happy

The old compressor took nearly two minutes to reach 150 psi. Dan thinks it's just a bit too much to reach this pressure. Like other people, he hates waiting. He wants a fast enough compressor, especially when he is carrying out non-construction works such as bicycle tires.

Space saving

As a longtime non-believer cliché "bigger and bigger" tannin likes gadgets to do this thing. His workshop is too crowded, so he asked him to buy a space-saving vertical design

easy maintenance

Dan really hates his belly to open and close the drain plug of his old compressor. And he also hates how the drain can not completely drain water from the tank in a horizontal or vertical position. He decided to ask the seller to show the drainage compressor before buying, and if the seller made the ugly posture when doing something, he would not buy it.

Now, Dan's notes these five factors are the only signs of high quality air compressors. Of course, you need to add your own personal preferences. But I sincerely hope that this short list will help you find the best compressor for all of these options on the market.