How to Buy Unlisted Stocks

Many traders and investors still trade brokers as brokers. However, if you are worried about how the broker does not buy the stock, then you will find the answer below.

Of course, it is assumed that you have the necessary knowledge, experience and information about the stock market. Direct Payment Plan

If you have already identified the company you would like to invest, then the direct payment plan is the most cost effective method.

Remember that each company has a different policy for direct debit payments. You will be allowed to apply online or be required to fill in documents or be required to invest the minimum amount. Some companies give up the minimum amount provided that your bank account is automatically deducted monthly.

Although the broker is not involved in the direct payment plan, your investment will be processed by the transfer agent. You are usually notified of the number of shares and the time of purchase in accordance with company rules.

Now you know how to buy a broker without a broker, but that does not mean that you have escaped the commission equivalent of a broker. If you are an employee of the company, you can own the stock through the employee stock purchase plan.

If you do not have sufficient financial resources to own a company's stock, you can use the dividend reinvestment plan. Basically, you must have at least one share in order to register the plan.

In this way, you can buy part of the stock at each payment. Over time, you will use your small payment increment to accumulate a pile of stocks, thereby increasing your wealth.

Specialized Services

Brokerage companies such as Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade provide on-line direct equity investment services. You will be charged the majority of the transaction. However, you have the advantage of buying your own stock rather than going through a broker. In this way, you save huge commissions.

You can also buy a single stock from a professional service like One Share. The so-called sharing is usually made in a frame, which makes a great gift. In addition to its gift-giving aspect, this is a way of registering a dividend reinvestment plan. Registration takes only a few minutes. After that, you can start building your portfolio with huge amounts of brokerage without taking away the huge amount of your profit card