How to Convert Your RC Car Into the Drift Specification

Remote Drift is taking off in a big way, and in this article I will show you step-by-step how to convert this old 1/10 tour bus into Drifting dream machine.

What is drift in a nut shell? The technique of changing the angle of attack of your car while still maintaining full control, so at typical drift the driver X approaches the corner and turns too early, which will cause the rear of the car to wrap around and the driver X will then turn back to the slide , And keep the car around the corner while keeping as many angles and speeds as possible, and then he will over-correct and throw the other slide in the back of the car as little as possible

RC car will drift it?

Yes, if you are involved in an RC racing car, you know even the basic RC card is set level, drift is no exception.

The first thing you need is an RC car, Two examples, I have had personal experience, Tamiya TT01 and Tamiya TA05. The first step in drifting is to break the traction, because power is heavier than the RC car, and we need a bit of help. Drift tires are all you need to get sideways, but there is a lot more you can do if you want to compete. If you can not find the RC Drift tires, you can use insulating tape and be sure to wrap it in the same direction the wheel will turn, a good trick is to put it down and roll your RC car and it is the right way, Recording tires tend to be the best surface, already a little bit without traction, ie underground parking, but they do not last long. Drift tires have different tractions, more traction = greater drift, but if you need to compete on a tight track, this is of no use because the torque used to break the traction also produces a lot of speed,

Okay, so you're recording your tires and playing for a while, not that we need to make the car more predictable, all standard racing settings The application, ride height and wheel angle are all depending on you, but if there is a need for a rear differential, you need to lock it, which is also called the spool differential, basically this means that both wheels must be simultaneously . The result is a car that will break and resume the traction command, drift will also be easier to control, more throttling = more angles, less throttle = less angle.

The Tamiya TT01 uses a planetary gear set as the rear differential, which is easily converted (and converted back if you change your mind) following the two most commonly used command modes to lock The difference is 1. Open the difference and fill it with glue from the glue gun, or 2. Take a small fuel tube, turn it along its length and roll around one of the planetary gears. Once the closing difference is complete, check to see if it gives the desired result and then back again. Another option is to purchase a skip-scroll difference


TA05 Use a ball difference in the back and front, which is not so easy to modify but it can be done. I modified my way to use popular rivets. I open the differential, remove the ball rolling ball bearings and metal plates. Then I drilled three holes in the side to get the difference between the two halves. Then I riveted them together and then down the rivets. This works, but be careful. It is not reversible, and if you make a mistake, diff will be destroyed. It will not last long, and eventually the force of difference will destroy this, because it is weakened by the hole.

Now that we have a solid platform, we can try a slightly different setting to find the one that fits our best, which varies from car to car, but the principle is the same. Personally I prefer to use more control of the previous one-way difference, or the center one-way difference. The drawback is that using the brake at all times is the same as using an electronic brake (hand brake). In a real car, the tail will slide at 180 °, and this may be useful for starting the drift and transitioning to the second drift from The first is easy to spin out, so most people do not like to use one way. I love these two, but from the rafting side of view, the need for more skills and

Fewer cars, I mean, although the racing skills you can compensate for an awesome car, there is no way that the TT01 will always win a game against a carbon fiber racing machine. But with the drift you can, the TT01 can perform any car there, yes, it will be difficult, but so much drift is done by the driver's skills, anything can happen. (19459003)

I hope this article gives you some ideas on drifting, and if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us at any time.

I would like this article to give you some ideas on drifting, if you have any suggestions, please feel free Contact me, need any advice, suggestions are always free, like the rest of my site