How to Customize Your Modeling Portfolio

The modeling portfolio includes a collection of your modeling images, and the number of images required varies with the modeling organization. But you should be concerned about the quality of the picture rather than the number. There are several cases where an average girl looks like a few but the quality of the picture is chosen as part of this modeling world as a chance. Therefore, it can be said that the modeling combination is a set of professional pictures that can help you achieve the best task.

Now come to how to customize your modeling portfolio point, you have to understand the process of dos and don. Keep 9 × 12 inch strong picture. The size is considered to be the standard size. Collect black and white photos as it is the industry's favorite choice. You will need to purchase 11 x 14 inch book (portfolio) from your agency, and you can keep your important snapshots. In order to make your combination versatile, you need to shoot a casual head shot, style head shot, body shot, you need to wear a conservative swimsuit or underwear, fashion shot, should be hot and sexy, action lens, edit lens , And even catalogs. The most important thing is that you should remember that when you climb the experience of the steps, replace the old picture with a newer picture. In order to give the modeling agency a lasting impression, you always keep your best picture at the end of your book. In the portfolio, you need 10 photos, which are divided into five volumes, each of which uses one or two dresses, and one of them selects two photos.