How to drink beer and make money

I always wonder if there is a way to comfort from my couch and earn income from the beer in my hand. I told myself that if this opportunity arises, I will skip it. It's not me lazy or looking for a simple way out. In fact, the opposite is true. If someone told me something was impossible, I tried to find a way to achieve it. Is it possible to drink beer and make money? Yes, yes … follow me.

First, after years of research and research, I have come to the conclusion that drinking itself does not lead to any sustainable income. I had drunk $ 20 and drank a cup of beer diluted with a cigarette butts that was not a pleasant experience and I did not recommend it to anyone … less than $ 40. But with the increase in age, responsibility and more fresh and realistic way to earn income and drink beer. The internet has made all possible. Let me explain it.