How to find good stock – 3 Verified method

You may ask yourself how to find a good stock recently? The traditional copper company has recently been in trouble. Several people missed earnings forecasts while others cut back on long-term dividends. In some serious cases, some of these companies even declared bankruptcy. What is a long-term investor?

In the past, smart investors understand that the financial position is stable for the value of the dividend production unit. They will build a diversified portfolio around these securities. Many people invest in these types of stocks as part of their retirement savings. Unfortunately, many of these same investors have seen early retirement plans to annihilate any return.

While there are several companies who see their stock prices will fall, but there are still some really great businesses that will make a good investment. Here are three mature ways to use, so you can figure out how to find good stock.

  • Dividend Stock – Identifying companies that continue to raise dividends is a good start. Be careful not to choose stocks just because they have a history of raising dividends. You must first complete an additional due diligence to ensure that your current financial condition is guaranteed to continue.
  • Long-term growth – Run the stock screen to find companies that expect long-term growth over the same industry. Excellence in the company should have an optimistic long-term growth forecast to ensure the purchase. Please remember, do not use this screen as the only basis for your purchase
  • Financial Statements – If you want to know how to find good stock, another option is to look at the financial statements. Track the company's quarterly financial statements and note the details. Often, you can identify potential red flags in these statements. You should also make it a good practice to listen to quarterly investor teleconference and pick up good tips

Stock investment is not necessarily a daunting task. While the market has historically fluctuated and the stock has fallen, there is always a place to invest in your money. The use of a collection of mature methods above will allow you to find out how to find good stock! In your stock selection combined with several due diligence steps is the key to your success if you will make money