How to fix Acer D2D Recovery

This tutorial can also help you do this on other computer brands

Disclaimer: First, you must be aware that some operations may cause Irreversibly change your hard drive, I suggest you, i will never be enough to make your system backup and then launch any of your dangerous operations. You are responsible for any damage and / or modification on your system. The following programs are carried out on the Acer Aspire 5102wlmi, and some also run on the Dell Inspiron 9400/1705

As you know, Acer Computer and other manufacturers' computers are now installed with a recovery system hard disk hidden Partition. The system also press the ALT + F10 key to start.

And then press ALT + F10

The second reason: In this case, the hidden partition PQSERVICE is erased or corrupted, or

] Solution : If you have not previously made a backup of the system by making an image disc, then you replace the disc, in which case it does not exist. The It is impossible to use D2D recovery. Your only hope is to have the Acer Recovery CD / DVD.

The third reason is: Acer master boot record (MBR) is damaged or replaced by non-Acer MBR. As long as the partition PQSERVICE exists, or you can put your hand on the necessary Acer file, you can reinstall Acer's MBR.

: On the function of Windows system:

[1945900] ] 1 Disable bios' D2D recovery option

2 Open a Windows session with account administrator

3 Download, unzip and start partedit32 (need to download registration)

4 Identify the Pqservice partition according to its size (there is a partition information box at the bottom of the partedit window) It is a small size partition of about 2 to 6 Go.Once change the type of partition to 0C and save it. Restart and use the administrator account to open the session, you should be able to navigate to the PQservice partition. Seek these two files mbrwrdos.exe and rtmbr.bin Once the localization opens the command prompt and starts this command mbrwrdos.exe install rtmbr.bin, which will install the Acer MBR. Close the Command Prompt window Restart Windows into the BIOS and restart D2D recovery.

: On non-functional Windows systems

To do this, you must use Linux to publish Version (for me, Mandriva provides all the necessary tools)

1 Start the boot menu on Mandriva installation CD / DVD will give you the possibility to repair or restore Windows boot loader

2 If you do not start the linux installation (this will be a test of this terrible operating system), and after completing the installation, select LILO as the boot loader (allows you to choose between multiple operating systems boot menu ). In the boot loader menu system to restart the computer, you will have at least two Windows options, the first one usually points to PQservice to select it, and you will direct direct to acer D2D recovery

The last solution is the simplest , Just keep in mind that during the Linux installation, you must adjust the size of the Windows partition to create a most dangerous part of the new Linux partition because it is irreversible, so you need to take precautions.