How to get your customers to buy

In general, everyone buys to meet some goals or needs. The needs of the people are varied, from the basic material needs of the housing, the food and the safety necessary to survive, by satisfying the individual vanity to the knowledge and spiritual satisfaction.

It is said that money can "buy your love – maybe it can not, but florists, card stores and jewelers can benefit from the process of helping it. Cosmetics retailers sell beautiful, complex and youthful Dreams – Meet our self

People buy clothes warm, but more are sold because people want to cast a variety of images – they need to belong and socialize. In each case, the consumer's motives are they They can not get the product: they do not buy the product: they seek to benefit

It is very difficult to determine why people are making certain purchases. Needs to be helpful to your understanding, but how practical is this practice? Trying to identify the benefits that customers seek to meet demand or collect demand rather than the demand itself is easier and more practical.

Start your process and start to determine your benefits at the time of purchase. The first thing you might find is that the purchase decision is not only The impact of the benefits of the product itself, but also by other interests, such as price, image, location, reputation and other stores, the presence of additional services, etc.

reality is a successful business its products Of the benefits into a more comprehensive benefit plan, they try to create an image that distinguishes them from the competition in a positive way, and if they succeed, the customer will always determine the business and then continue to do so with the product or

It is clear that the product At the same time, you must try to focus the customer's mind on the purchase of your benefits.