How to Make Money from ATM

The cost of ATM machines is between $ 3,000 and $ 30,000, and there is no doubt that it is expensive to buy one for your business. However, if you arrange the right thing to do, buying ATM may actually be a very reliable investment.

If you are primarily managing your own machines, the ongoing maintenance costs should not be too high. You have to pay the electricity for the machine, as well as about $ 40 / month for the dedicated telephone line, whenever the machine professional reloads $ 50

may also have a monthly fee (usually $ 15 to $ 25 per month) , Which is required by some suppliers and not by other suppliers. When considering different machines and doing price comparison studies, it is important to consider these costs

Once you have paid all these small fees, however, you can collect a percentage of the surcharge. The average cost of an ATM transaction is $ 1.60, and the owner of the machine, all or part of the money will be handed over to you.

Based on your contract with ATM suppliers, repair your own work, your share can range from 35% to 100%.

Therefore, the installation of ATM machines can not only help your existing business, but also can become a completely sustainable or even completely sustainable,