How to make money from Tiddlywinks

This is the question raised today, so I think I will share the answer.

I asked myself this question because I was ready to issue my weekly newsletter.
I mentioned my new book "Making Money from the Movement" and listing some examples of sports that people can use.

As my way, I decided to present a list that might make people want to know, so after tennis, boxing, football and so on, I put tiddlywinks.

I do not often write the first one, but the second time, but on this occasion I know I was right – I have written a book, after all, let's take some from tiddlywinks Make money.

First you may be a professional tiddlywink player.
Well …

Do you know how some sports bring great income for the world's elites, while other sports have no money, even the best in the world?

You can set up a tiddlywinks website, including articles, book offers, equipment quotes etc.
Well, this idea is more solid, but there are already several authoritative sites, not only you have to build and maintain the website, May invest in stocks, and you must also compete with those who build websites.

The third method, which is the technology I use, is for tiddlywink players and fans to provide most people want something – a free way to earn income online.