How to make your wife happy – married woman's happy married life's secret desire


This summary is a fact with her husband's assumptions and common misunderstanding Separate, world

Ordinary Faith # 1: The woman's finger on the ring makes her always safe.


In contrast to the prevailing view, marriage does not make women more secure and does not require her husband to pay attention. We are a habit of creatures, and nature women want to pursue the attention of men and compete with each other. It's in our DNA. We see in the movie, we hear the conversation, the man said, "My girlfriend is always jealous, ask too much attention, I do not want her jealous, so I want to marry her, I made next week." In this example, we see a serious relationship between the men think and marry a girlfriend, to solve her insecurity. Proposed to your girlfriend may make her happy, and there is a period of self-confidence, but it does not get rid of her real emotions, these emotions in the process of marriage is bound to show, if not properly resolved or resolved.

Ordinary Faith # 2: Flowers are for ladies, married women want babies.


A woman who is happy to get married may have reservations about her children. Most people think that when a woman is right, agreed to get married, she will soon be ready to have children, and soon will be pregnant. She may show willingness to have a family, but men should still confirm whether their wives are ready for pregnancy and childbirth;

General Faith # 3: When her husband is offered, the wife is on the side.


Women's financial security is very important, but not what women need. A married woman may be more confident if he is a productive man of society, more trust in her husband, succeeded in his field, and enough to make his family comfortable, but the husband's Financial success is not the sum of all her happy and satisfying life. The husband's wealth can not guarantee his wife's constant happiness, loyalty and full cooperation, nor does it mean that she is always willing to give up her career or a lifetime dream. This decision is almost always from a woman's own will, she decided with her mind and soul, the woman made a lot of thinking.

Your marriage, I admit my secret desire

Wife's secret wish list: Part 1 – Your wife's emotions

1. Compliment – women can not hear enough praise comments. Compliment her every day like "you look very beautiful" or "you are a good chef" as simple as, and his face showing a smile, not easy to fade.

2. Flowers – all ages and kinds of women like beautiful things; and flowers, not only beautiful, but also make us feel special and attention.

3. Warm greeting in the morning – When we wake up and get ready for a day, the wife is a warm greeting, hug or kiss the letter "sucker". If there was a little controversy the night before, just like a "good morning honey, I love you" that could make her forget and feel better. You will want her day and try to do it every day.

4. Let her win – talk about arguments, you might want to consider getting the majority of arguments to win by relaxing and keeping quiet, and women tend to object to arguing with their "men" if they feel like they can win endless victories. So please yourself and his wife's pain, let her win. Wife is quick to realize the error, but you first say that you love them and are willing to listen to them and let them win the argument.

5. Note – I can not stop stressing how important this is to a woman. Give her enough attention, even before she obviously seeks it. The best person to give her the attention you need makes her feel safe, full and needed. Listen to her, look at her, note

6. Your time – in addition to attention, whenever you are together, you may want to give her some time and tell her how to desire with her, no matter what time and time. Find time for your wife, remember that you are investing in your marriage

7. Commitment – you are not just promised to marry her, you promise her luggage, her priorities, her needs and her dreams. When the women say that I do, we do it wholeheartedly, and we expect our husbands to have the same promise.

8. Romance – so your bachelor's degree is over, you and you are sleeping with a woman and hope for the rest of your life. If you think this is terrible for men, wait until you see a woman's mind, you will find that she is once married, you lose the strength and intimacy of your relationship. To comfort her by keeping romance in her marriage

9. Dialogue – she wakes you in a child, excitement and / or anxiety, do not ignore her, go back to sleep wrong. At these moments, no matter how tired or drowsy you are, you need to show her the good words you speak, and you can really listen to her. we. Wife remember these moments, our husband's reaction is still wandering. You can not exhaust the topic if your wife is shy and quiet type, start talking and reward yourself and your wife in this beautiful element of marriage.

10. Assure – so you do not understand your wife's work, hobby or obsession, it does not matter if you do not! Whenever she feels low, due to disappointment, insecurity or fear, you should always be there to assure her and encourage. You are the one she is dependent on, giving her strength and confidence.

11. Need help – for the sake of heaven, your wife is not a robot! She is tired, you know. Well, if she is home to a wife or mother, if you take home bacon home, she will share her work and contribute to this relationship. She helps you, do not feel the cost of unnecessary, she budget for your family, if she is this type, she will clean up after you. All means to help her work and / or chores. If you really can not find a way to make her work easier, if you can, you can be more enjoyable.

12. Let her laugh – you are joking, let people in the office and your boss who played hand, you should also be used to let your wife laugh. Find out the simplest, it can be said that what she thinks is funny as long as you can make her laugh. When my husband fought with me, he was just tired of my nong, and what he did was funny things that I could not resist, I forgot the fight and the problem.

13. Get intense and intimate – need me to say more? No matter what role you and your wife have, let it flow, and tell her how happy she is when she is happy.

14. Support her – whatever she does, become her friend and support her. If she can not, you can find a way to emphasize how much you support, and she can rely on you to help, and you are no matter what people support her people.

Thank you – you will never thank you if you are tired to hear you say thank you, you do not want to be like a broken record, keep playing, you may want to find a way to thank her, do not say those simple words.

Wife's Secret Wish List: Part 2 – Interesting Things

1. Reward, vacation and gift or token appreciation should be the trick. Pleasant surprise – surprise your wife from time to time. Sometimes it's just that you spend your time, sometimes it really costs you, but hey, that's the wife you're talking about. Surprise her!

2. Often take a bath and a good cologne – you do not want your wife to think, and later complain about your sense of smell, bathing and modification of their own bad, this habit for marriage to create a miracle.

3. Splurge – "expensive" is relative, if your finance only allows you to take her to the anniversary of the 3 star restaurant, be sure to order her house and a bottle of less expensive wine. When you take her out to shop, make sure you have enough credit or cash, and even buy what she really wants, like a pair of sexy red high heels, rather than trying to persuade her, brown unit praise her feet and Her thighs more.

4. Let her feel sexy – despite childbirth, work and housework, you should find something in her to make her sexy, if you really can not, if you have to work hard to break your brain. Tell her what is your sexy to her In addition, you see the red lace underwear in the show window and should work for you if you do not care about telling your wife how sexy she is.

5. Complimenting her in front of your friends – this trick is old, but still very effective. When you ask your buddy and his wife to eat dinner with you, it is so beautiful to open her sun clothes, how well your wife cooked chicken, and how hard you think she is in order to trade well in China.

6. Kiss her lips – regularly brush your teeth, especially before you intend to do so. She never tired of kissing, so do not just jump on her, do your thing, kiss her!

7. Let her feel and want – I will put this part in your imagination, and your personal preferences, my point of view is that the husband must ensure that his wife felt and expected.

8. Adventure – Explore what you have not done before, where you and your wife have been thinking, but have not been to. Any marriage should be an element of surprise and excitement.

9. Write her love letter – you can be serious, interesting and playful, it does not matter, as long as you are spontaneous and sincere. Continue to write down your thoughts and let her see how much you love her.

10. Last but not least, please remember! – Remember the very special moments, such as her birthday, your anniversary, the first time you meet, the first time you kissed, the day you raised, remember these dates, remember and make some Special things or prepared things when you and your wife memories, your wife is very sweet