How to meditate – 3 simple ways to get you in the country

For most people, everyday life is filled with tense and depressed moments. These will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also affect the real physical illness. Stress can cause the body to produce extra cortisol, which is associated with many cases of heart failure. Also known to cause weight gain and baldness. One of the simplest and most cost effective remedies is to meditate regularly and keep your stress level. Many people think that meditation takes years of practice and is hard to do. On the contrary, once you know some tips, it can be easy and calm.

Every method I will talk about can be done at 15 to 20 minutes intervals.

One of the simplest ways I know can make you into meditation state, just pay attention to your breath. This is a way I picked up from Ekhart's writings. It is best to put yourself in a rather environment, you can sit quietly, close your eyes, without interference. You really want to hear, feel the air into your nose, leaving your mouth. When all your attention is on this point, you can not think of anything else. Your brain is not at this level to build a multi-task. This effectively removes your thoughts.

Focus on the present moment

Another simple way to get you into a meditation way, if your mind starts to drift, all you need to do is just gently guide your attention Force back to your breath. The state is to focus your attention on your surroundings. This makes your mind fully into the moment. This is an example of trying to take a walk in the park. Listen to the birds in the sky, smell the grass around, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. When you focus on your present moment, you will begin to feel happy.

Focus on the blank space between the sounds

This is the only way I will say that it is a good sign that you have reached the meditation state about this and need you Use some kind of props. This is a very powerful way of meditation. A particularly hard day for me. This is what you do:

Let yourself be a metronome or sound file that sounds like a metronome. The metronome is a device used by musicians that can help them keep a particular rhythm. Set it to tick at a slower interval. Once you have set the speed, close your eyes and put your attention on the space between the ticks. When you focus on emptiness, you can effectively clear your mind.

If you know some simple skills, meditation is not hard to do. Try the next 30 days or so. Keep your conversation less than 15 minutes. You will see the overall mood has improved significantly. It can actually make you healthier