How to promote loan officers on Facebook and social media

Loan officials have never been so new in social media. It may be that one of their friends needs a mortgage and may not have thought to contact you even if they remember you in the mortgage business. But seeing your mortgage just reminds them that they need to touch your next mortgage.

Recall that you want to get anything from your name, Facebook users do not understand you and you also want to use your now and new Facebook friends to make more channels to advertise.

We are really talking about Facebook here than anything but nobody says you will not get some new loans by promoting yourself on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. You do not need to be mad and start using social media sites that you do not normally use. Just do a little more than you do today on the social media website you are using.

Promote yourself and your company, but must meet the requirements for licensing disclosure and avoid advertising rates, monthly payments, and other loan attributes that may lead to additional disclosure, the rules may not be familiar.

For example, on Facebook, make sure to add the license information to your profile. Make sure you list your individual national mortgage license system identification number as your NMLS ID #. Also, list your company name, business address and company's NMLS ID #. Your country may also ask you to list the name of your country's license.

Add some pictures to Facebook's post to make it more interesting and attract your friends. You may also want to set up a Facebook business page for yourself and consider advertising on Facebook. Before you do so, consult your company compliance department to see the rules for advertising on social media.

Advocacy on these sites. You will be amazed at how new potential customers are starting to promote these sites further.

After you receive your profile, you need permission to disclose, then it may be time to start buying some ads on Facebook to advertise your service. There are a lot of good information on how to do this – just google the question "how to advertise on Facebook" and read the tips from the Facebook help page about the ad.