How to Reduce Foam from 5 Liter Mini Beer

Because of their popularity, a big complaint about mini kegs is the amount of foam required for each casting. When you read the comments of Amazon's Best Beer Distributors, they complain about the same.

Step 1, Cold Beer

This is the most important step in the warm beer = bubble of beer. You do not want to buy a keg in the same night, you plan to drink. Buy it the day before, put it in the fridge or your mini keg dispenser and let it cool for 10-12 hours

Step 2. Clean

Make sure The glass you use is pretty and clean. You do not leave any residue or particles in your beer to destroy the taste of your beer or beer.

Step 3. Tilt the tilt

Be prepared to pour beer into your glass at an angle of 45 degrees or more.

Step 4. Tilt Smoothing

Pull the faucet with a slow, smooth action. Aim at the initial pouring, hit it into the middle of the glass and into the bottom of the glass. With the pouring of beer, the glass until it is almost perpendicular to the keg and then the angle of the beer is full when the beer is full.

Step 5. Enjoy your fresh beer

Once you have a nice clean glass and at the top of the first 1-1½ "bubble the first taste of the time, put any extra bubbles from the top

So you now have a simple guide to pour the perfect glass from the Heineken mini kegs while reducing the unnecessary bubbles.