how to replace your pontoon vinyl seats, saving money

when my husband and I purchased a 1998 Fisher pontoon, we believe that theft, the first thing we need to do Things are replaced by dry rotten vinyl in all seats. The pontoon has been sitting in the sun for eight years, each seat has a vinyl, ruptured and split, foam rubber pad exposed, decayed, broken each time touch. It did not provide a comfortable seat arrangement; after all, the reason you bought the buoy is to be able to bring all the friends with you to the river. When we visited the nearby marine decorations store, we were shocked to find that it would cost $ 1,200 to reload another person. As a mediocre tailor, I decided to do the job myself

Material required for this project: sharpened heavy-duty scissors, marine vinyl, your sewing machine heavy leather needle, heavy thread, bed sheet foam rubber 1 "thick), foam glue, stainless steel needle, durable stapler, nail gun, stainless steel staples, long handle screwdriver, pliers, electric screwdriver, ziploc bag, mark

Step 1

19,459,002] first of all, I visited the cloth store near me, see what they have available. after checking the Internet marine vinyl, I was surprised to find a variety of fabric colors Hancock, reasonable cost, better than the online prices If you do not draper marine vinyl, ask if they can order it for you so I remind you that dark colors attract heat, they will quickly fade, so I suggest you to select a comfortable and wearable Lee colors such as cream or white, where I bought for my heavy-duty leather singer sewing machine needle. Yes, I do all the work with old sewing machine, but Less to buy two packets of leather needle. I will buy the store the longest pins. Looking foam rubber in the store bought several levels of 1 "thick foam can be placed in exposure to the sun's wear, disintegration of the foam.

Step 2

Detach the seat from the ship and remove the seat, such as the seat cushion, backrest and any other cover First of all, remove all the hardware that installs each seat to the ship. Thanks for the benefits of electric screwdriver!


] when the seat is detached, the next step is to remove the lid from the seat frame, the reverse rotation of the seat, from below and lift the staple, the fabric is removed, in case I , My frame is plastic, still very good shape, and the use of pliers relatively easy to remove the staple

Step 4

The easiest way to re-install the boat is to Remove the screwdriver, then use the old fabric as a new fabric pattern. Use a seam ripper to carefully divide the lid into a pattern sheet. Place the fabric on a large plane with the old fabric facing down on it. Then I use a marker to track the contours of the vinyl pattern, but if you are confident, by cutting the edge of the pattern to cut the new fabric. I give myself an extra 1/2 inch allowance outside of each pattern. I also suggest that you make a seat once so that you will not mix your stuff. Put them together, just as they are apart and put them together. The first seat is the hardest, every extra seat you will get better experience. Taking this into account, decide which seat you most want to see and do the last one.

Step 5

After completing the cover, it is time to check the bubble. If the underlying foam is in good condition, you are ready to re-cover it.

Step 6

At this point you will need a partner if not, cut the rotten foam and use the foam adhesive to try the old and new bubbles together to keep the original shape. Pull the lid onto the foam and pull it tightly back into place. Tighten to remove wrinkles. Vinyl can be pulled in large quantities. Once it is in position, staples with stainless steel nails. Stainless steel staples are more expensive, but once you get back to the water, they do not rust and destroy your vinyl. Place four identical staples on the frame, then pull up and sew the fabric around the seat.

Step 7

The seat is returned to the ship. Retreat and appreciate your craft. You've just saved yourself a lot of money. In my case, I can save myself about $ 950

Step 8

It is time to protect your almost new floats to buy low cost 4 or 5 year warranty floats cover. This should eliminate the rapid deterioration and discoloration of vinyls that have been abandoned due to the extra cleaning required by the pelican for the last time, or for a long time in the sun.