How to search Google for country-specific results

Running an international online business can serve people from any country, which means that you want your site not only in local country-specific performance, But also global performance. You may not be aware of this, but a standard Google search, and the option "Full network" option does not necessarily give your site a real place in Google's global results. It gives you the global result of giving your location.

For example, in my hometown of Brisbane Australia, the results of a complete web search will be different from the full web search in Toronto, Canada.

Google provides results based on your location, even if you do not specify local results. You can click on your local country only the results button and get Australia's, Canada's .ca, etc., usually located by the domain name extension. Or the IP address of your website or you can click the network option and get a different global Internet based on your computer's location in the world (depending on the IP address of the computer you are using to access the Internet).

[1945900] Think Global

If your business can serve the world, then you really can not ignore the US market, Or if you do not forget about Europe, Asia and other regions in the United States. Now that you need to know how well your site is performing in Google's global search results, unfortunately, simply clicking on the "network" option in Google may be misleading if you are searching for users in different countries. Different search

What do you want to know is when your UK is searching for one of your terms in Google, how high is your site in search results? With this little trick, you can figure it out.


All you need to do is add & gl = uk to the URL at the end of the Google search query.

[1945909] [1945901]

[1945906] [194590002] [194590002] [1945902] [194590] Http:// [1445900] [1945900] This tells Google that you want to exclude query results based on the UK server.

I can not guarantee 100% certainty, as I expected to work like that, but it definitely would do something that you should try to see if your site is displayed in different locations in the results. L L L of course, you can exchange the last letter to test the results of different countries around the world.