How to Start Trading in the Indian Stock Market

Today the Indian stock market has become really huge. If we are talking about exchanges at the national level, there are n number of stock exchanges, but if we look at all the exchanges in India, there are two major exchanges – NSE called the National Stock Exchange, and in 1995 in India (19459003)

If someone wants to trade in the Indian stock market, the big problem


Anyone can go to the stock market trading, but first he must open his demat account

Now the question arises what is this demat account?

This is the account representative of the dematerialization account. There is a need to trade in the stock market. Without this account, you can not trade in the stock market. The principal owners of this account are the National Depositary Receipts known as the NSDL and the Central Depositary Exchange called CDSL. All banks are NSDL and CDSL deposit participants

How to open his / her demat account?

To open it first you must open his / her saved account in the same bank.


After doing this, the bank will associate your account with your savings account You can open an account in this account:

In this account, you can open an account:

Online demat account – The ext account is when you can trade directly through the internet.

Offline demat account Offline account Yes, when we do not trade directly, we pass through other brokers by phone or by visiting Broker's Office. The benefits of offline accounts are the limitations that are given. The general broker offers a trading limit of five to six times that of our savings account, but if we ask brokers to increase our limit, he can do so if he thinks it right

demat account fees ??

Different banks charge different demat for it. They usually charge an annual fee. Therefore, before opening an agent account, you should look at the fees that all banks are charging. Here are some bank fees for the demat account:

SBI Fee – 400 / – per year

HDFC charges $ 500 per year

City Bank Charges – $ 250 per year

Share Khan costs -75 / – per year

So when you open your demate account, you can go to the stock market trading

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