How to take a girl's rights – a mentor

It is not easy for a girl's virginity. This is a very sensitive question, and many people may feel embarrassed. You want to enjoy the girl's virginity in a way that makes her feel very comfortable. She was very nervous for the first time, but she could give her an unforgettable experience. If you are reading this book, then you are a boyfriend, or that special boy. Of course, when you first make love with her, you have to make sure your partner feels comfortable. You are a person sensitive to her, is a loving person, I hope her first positive attitude to remember. With good intentions, you will find it easy to be sensitive to her needs and make her the first thing that will not be forgotten. She will never forget her, so make full use of it

First, make sure your girl is your sincere concern. You do not want her to be disappointed for anybody for the first time, and if you really do not care about her, she will feel and will not give her virgin comfortably. The other thing that some people forget is to make sure that both of you meet the legal age to consent to sex. […]

Make sure you are ready to make love at any time, do not make love at any time, do not forget to put your people in condoms. While many girls like to plan their first love, but usually will eventually happen spontaneously, this may be the best way for a truly romantic and intimate moment.

Do not ignore the environment.

Just because the rear seat of a car is the first popular place does not mean that this is a good place. You do not want to make her uncomfortable, can not get into the right position or worry about being caught. You want her to feel safe and comfortable somewhere.

She will naturally be nervous. Okay. A little bit of alcohol can relax the nerves, but you should not be drunk for the first time.

There are many foreplay, you want her so turn Surrounded, the tension will not pass through her mind. You should not even consider infiltration until she dries wet and dies with you to have sex. Make sure she is well lubricated, and if there is no lubricant, you can use some lubricant.

Slowly into her, the first penetration will be hurt, but if you slowly and gently do, it will not hurt her. Sensitive to her, make sure she knows she can ask you to slow down or stop if it starts to hurt, she does not need you, but she may have to worry about having to ask. Tell her in advance, so she does not have to think about anything but feels good. Once she gets used to her inner feelings, you can start from the shallow thrust, keep gentle, let her choose how fast you go. When she begins to feel more comfortable, she will ask for it faster, faster and more deeply.

That's all it's all. If she feels so painful that she gets your top so that she can control the exact speed and depth, she will eventually find the happiest and most painful rhythm for her.

Follow these tips and you will be remembered as a sensitive and caring person, making her the first unforgettable one.