How to take good pictures of the items listed on E-Bay

First, you will need a digital camera. If you do not have one, see if you can borrow a friend or a relative. Next, set up an area that is only used to shoot your items. It does not have to be elaborate or expensive, but you should find a small space where you can work without clutter. You want to use a solid background for your photos so that you can focus on the items you sell. Using a foam core board, you can buy about $ 3 in the office supplies store and you want to sell the product as the focus of the picture.

Use good lighting. Nature is the best, but you are not always so extravagant. Just make sure the item can be accurately expressed in the photo.

If you are selling clothing, make sure that the item is clean and present. Iron or steam clothing to remove wrinkles. Before shooting, please remove the lint and loose line. You do not want your potential buyer to imagine if it is clean and no wrinkles, what the item will look like. You may want to invest about $ 10 to buy a half-human model – these can be found on eBay. Then you can cover the door with a butcher's paper or bulletin board, hang the wreath on the door, and hang your body on the wreath. You may need to adjust your clothes to fit the body model.

After taking a picture, you need to edit it on your computer. If this is the case, use a tape on the back of a garment needle or artificial template. You do not have to be an expert graphic designer, just crop the picture in order to sell the item, and the background is complete. You may need to adjust the color, brightness and contrast.

Finally, upload your photos when listing your items on eBay. You may want to view options such as the Use List Template service, such as the Seller Brochure, which provides background templates, expanded photos, and image hosting options.

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