How to talk about dirty girls – how to seduce a girl by word

Knowing the art of dirty talk can help you a lot to seduce your girl and have a wonderful sexual experience. However, the kind words and effects you need to use will depend on the woman you are trying to lure. Here are some steps to help you master the dirty conversation.

The first thing you need to do is start slowly. You should not, especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. If you suddenly start talking, some women may be turned off. You need to first measure, to see whether a woman is open to this.

The second thing is the perfect time. Do not talk nonsense you need to know the perfect time. One of the best things is when the heat is on. This is when both of you have been stirred up and look forward to sharing the bed together. The time before the climax is also great, because it is not necessarily logical when things are.

The third useful thing to learn dirty conversation art is to learn the art of fantasy stories. Women are very interested in fantasy stories, especially if it is the story of their partner. So do not be afraid to share your daydream with your girl. Tell her what you want? She may help make the fantasy a reality.

The fourth thing is to know two dirty conversations. The first is a soft core. This is a swear of words that does not involve very words. You can tell the girl how beautiful she is, how happy you are with her. You can tell her how much you love her, and how much you love her. It is very useful to start these words because they are the safest. Use a more naughty expression before using it to make the atmosphere lighter. On the other hand, hard nuclear dirty conversation involves real swearing. Here you can use very vulgar expression. You can tell the girl where you want to touch her or where you want to be touched. You can also use spells to help you stay for a while. Hardcore expression should be kept between the two of you.

The fifth thing is what you say. Everything you should have for your partner should come from your heart. They should be sincere, no matter how naughty they are. You should be able to make your partner feel comfortable and trust. You do not have to remember things. You only need yourself, say your true feeling. It is also important to learn how to say these words effectively. With groans and whispers can make your partner feel more excited