How to the trembling climax of her thighs (tonight!)

Do you want your woman to burst into frenzy? So tell the truth, I am a bit depressed, how many men in the bedroom completely powerless. They seem to think that their ability to let women lies in the size of the penis. This is definitely not really the opposite, it just takes some effort to learn some mature ways – but most people hate putting this effort!

Individual in the bedroom in the regular corner. This is done by allowing a woman to experience a mixed orgasm every 5-10 minutes (a climax from the clitoris and g-spots). In other words, if this is done correctly, you can give her as much orgasm as possible during sex, or until she disappears from all the pleasures

Missionary and Twisted

When it comes to sex, this may be my favorite. Enter the normal mission, and then put your legs on your shoulders. Simply lift her bottom from the bed and give her a slow and powerful thrust. This altitude is sure you hit g every time.

Better Better

If you want to stack her climax, then you may be launching the top of her list of lovers. But you will keep your performance, because she will encounter an amazing climax every 5-10 minutes, so you need to be able to last for some time. For some women, several of these strong climaxes are enough, but others may need more than 4 or 5!