How to wear socks in your underwear Make it look like you have a bigger penis

Hey, this is my Billy "Blackjack". Sometimes a man encounters a crossroads in his life, and he may think it is a good idea to superimpose the penis deck under his help. He thinks that if he can add some fluff in his treatment, maybe fill something in his pants, he will fool the ladies to think he has the goods.

If you do this before, or do so, or want to do this, let me use some good advice to help you. There are some things you want to do, and of course there are some things you do not want to do. Let me tell you:

You need to get rid of boxers or loose underwear. The reason for this is that you do not want your "enhanced" device to become loose and your legs walk. Tight fit is the way you want underwear. You have to wear "Y-Fronts" These are the types of tight underwear in front of them

Next, the best device is socks. But not just any kind of socks. Get a 100% cotton sock. Keep away from synthetic materials and mixed fabrics. Do not use wool socks! These can get itching and itching, will drive you more than "crab" more crazy. Socks must be thickness material. No thin socks

You still need a pretty tight pants. If you wear pants too loose, your "device" contour is not easy to distinguish. Of course, you also need to put your shirt into the pants. If this is not your style, then get a shirt that can not cover your abdomen.

Get a medium or larger sock, starting from the beginning of the closure, starting your own curl. It should start looking like a little donut. Only in this way can the socks be one-third or half. Then loosen (expand) and Open End on the rest of the socks (donut area).

This should make it strong enough that the rolling head will not loosen and / or unfold. You can try to anchor it with some rubber band (around the sock axis, not the donut area) (to prevent slipping), but these rubber bands may be absorbed in the pubic hair, quite painful

There should be something that does not look like a penis. Yes, that's what we want. The last thing you want is something from your pants that looks like an erection!

Place the next part of the donut on the side of the penis (not in the penis area!). Its center should be in the area between your penis and testicles. The sock portion of the non-donut portion is then removed and extends downwardly at an angle of 45 degrees to the same side / bottom of the undergarment. This part will be between your inner thigh and the pelvis.

This is simple, fast and easy. It will be anchored on the underwear, so it will not move. If it moves too much, then you may need a pair of more intimate panties. All you need to do is put on your tight jeans and you are ready to go

Some men may want to use your socks to use tapes or make up Velcro. Do not do this with tape and hard plastic that may wipe the skin, causing irritation and rash. You do not want to use the tape in particular if you have a lot of hair in this area

Upon completion, look at your mirror and look at its appearance.

This is all it's all

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Billy "Blackjack" Carson