I review BitClub Network – just another online funding plan?

Thank you for taking the time to read this BitClub web review! I've done some extensive research on the company, including the creation of compensation schemes and business models to fully understand the legitimacy of BitClub and the program

So let's go straight to

To answer this question, we need to understand how the mining operation works.

The BitClub network is like this: a legitimate bit-coin mining operation with a huge draw, which separates them

No other mining operation allows you to passively get Bitcoin every day and also has a combined effect of network marketing efforts to help magnify and maximize your earnings in a short period of time

This is why BitClub Network

The BitClub network allows you to buy stocks in their ponds and get 1,000 shares per day for every day.

The proceeds you purchase. They currently have 3 mine pools where you can buy stocks

Part of your daily income will be used to buy more shares based on your purchase of the BitClub Mining Pool. So, let's say you buy all three BCN Mines today …

You will start earning a passive Bitcoin 1,000 days a day immediately. Then, let's say that it takes 20 days to get another share in all three pools (assuming), then you still have 980 days from your original stake PLUS another 1000 days starting from the newly acquired shares on the 20th day. Over time, the compound effect will enter, and you can easily see your potential earnings increase as much as 10 or 20 times a day.


Please remember.

[1945900002] [1945900002] [1945900002] The next major question: "I need to recruit in the bitclub network to make money?

As I have just described, you do not need to recruit a group of people to make money in BCN. But you may want to. It will only magnify and maximize your results, big time!

Remember the composite effect … when you build a team in BCN also works. So, if you build a team, you can see your potential gains faster and faster.

"What is the difference between the Bitclub network and other Bitcoin mining operations?"

The Bitclub network outperforms traditional mining operations, your income Percentage returned to BCN's mining operations. Remember, when this happens, you'll get more revenue sharing … but what bitclub network is using your money ???


Technology, calculation requirements, logistics and processing speed are constantly being upgraded and modified to keep pace with requirements. As a result, the BitClub network uses your "percentage" repo to upgrade to larger, better, faster, streamlined, more meaningful, and more powerful devices. Therefore, in other mining activities, Bitclub has a more predictable and stable revenue in each operation

Again … I can not emphasize this point: one per cent of your income goes to buy every day More shares in each pool you buy (some stocks if you will). This ultimately adds up to more and more complete stock, and you can gain a passive daily income potential for a company's life because you earn a life of 1000 days for each share

as long as the company remains [19459007

Just a one-time $ 99 membership fee plus, depending on the pool in which you bought the stock, Of the initial cost.

Mining Ponds 1 ($ 500)

I strongly recommend that you buy as soon as possible All 3 swimming pools. This will only cost you $ 3,599 and then you are in business and earning every day. Conservatively speaking, the Bitclub network paid the way you can see a return on investment as early as 1 year without building a team.

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