I want to wear hair my husband – how to make a husband wearing a green hat slave!

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Husband? This is a husband, to give yourself an advantage of the wife, unless given as a treatment, or give up his wife's sexual relationship. Wife found himself a boyfriend – or boyfriend, these men become her main means of release

want to

Your husband must have to get rid of this. The wife wearing a green hat called this stage "sit down." You and you Your husband to sit down and you come clean. Completely open to tell him you want to wear hair

his rules …

If your husband wants, then You can start his transformation. You start to rule him from now on to rule his life. The rules help to consolidate the new relationship. The most common is that he can not masturbate. You control his sexual release. This gives you a lot

Remove him from sexual aspects

No longer consider your husband to be a person who meets your sexual needs. Join Facebook, MySpace, Dating Website, Craigslist Create a personal ad. Find a boyfriend because only when you have a boyfriend – your senior men in life – you will really create a husband wearing a green hat slave

treated …

Keep your husband happy and sexful. Let him see you and other people's sexual relations. Let your husband masturbation. In very rare circumstances, let him participate in sexual behavior.

Saying that I want to wear a headscarf my husband is the first step in a new leading obedience relationship. Both people need time to get used to it. Ultimately, however, you will have a happy green hat Slaves, your relationship seems to be more fulfilling to you