If money does not inspire you, what?

Two years ago, I deliberately made a new job, 50% less than my previous work. Why would anyone voluntarily cut wages? "Expert" is correct? Is not money we think is big motivated?

Are you thinking about changes in your life and offering something better than income? Before you read any further – money is important, my plan includes making money. However, I intend to earn more money on MY TERMS, rather than the traditional 9-5 work.

Will you reduce your salary by 50%?

I pay cuts in 2015. I never looked back. I want more time to pursue my business and time with my family

This is the best decision I've ever made.


Many of us did not realize, but we thought we were trapped because of money or situation. In the next 5 minutes, imagine that you have not been trapped. Imagine that you made a change to do what you always wanted to do. If money is not at the heart of your decision, how would you deal with your life?

It is not overnight to take a 50% pay cut. My plan started by 2013 3 years ago. This is what I know according to my journey:

  • I know 5 years ago, I am going to change HAD, or I will work on my paid job until social security starts
  • I know I need a second source of income that can SURPASS my paid job
  • 6 questions You have to ask yourself yourself before you start

    1. How do i want to spend my time?
    2. If I pay cuts, how will my life change?
    3. If I stay, will my life change?
    4. What can I do to increase my income?
    5. What if the money is not a factor?
    6. Is there anything in my life?

    The key is to know the life I want

    The time with family is more important than income.

    Hope you are the best,