If she caught your eyes, would you buy it?

Five minutes spent watching TV on TV or reading magazines will reinforce an idea that many people have repeatedly advertised in recent years: "Sexual Selling". It does not need much to realize that the product is almost always showing people, people are almost always, in short, hot. While naturally hope to be seen as attractive and sought to help achieve the appeal and popularity of the product, during this year, sales of sexy images reached a point that could be crossing the line.

In TV commercials, very attractive individuals are often seen laughing, joking, and fun. It seems obvious that beauty products such as make-up and hair care will hope that those products that promote their products are attractive because of their product work. But when young men and women dressed in muscle are marching on products such as cars, grocery stores, and electronics, people may wonder if advertisers really understand their marketing practices. Car or new computer will not automatically improve your appearance, or make you more attractive, but most of the ads they will cause you to believe to do.

Magazine advertising is the worst culprit. Restricted by a single picture has a few words instead of a 15 second video clip, the magazine ad takes a picture and immediately grabs the attention. More and more frequently, this is done by sexy numbers and small clothes. Often, hot dogs are more concerned with the focus of advertising than the product itself. Magazine ads do not have much time or space to explain why their products are superior to other brands of the same product, but usually they do not even try. They just portray their products to be attractive for personal use, the United States opens her wallet

It may be surprising that we continue to buy products more based on the attractiveness of advertising, not the product Actual quality and its description. So far, gender continues to sell well. As a country we should see that we will let the marketing industry take this idea, and when we decide to the extent that the ads should be more concerned about the actual product, rather than sticking to its use will immediately make you sexy.