If you have been thinking about buying stocks in a changing market today, you may be more nervous than most average investors. When you want to avoid buying stocks in today's market

Since 2008, the market has been swaying and fluctuating, trying to reach the 2007 high again and falling like a recessionary stone. If you want to buy stocks today, you need to understand the high unemployment rate, the dollar weakness and we have not seen other factors for decades.

Choosing stocks when the market has so much uncertainty can be daunting. Many people just get tired of the unsuccessful market, and completely out of the market, holding cash, bonds or other investments. Or even just paying a credit card or other debt. (19459003)

Investors around the world are doing the same thing, not buying stocks now but holding history Unusual cash. Before 2007, it seems that anything investors are buying will go up, but now the market is moving horizontally, so no one is sure what stocks to buy will lead them to the profits they've recently seen. Keeping your cash investments in a money market fund that can be changed at any time is a good strategy – do not think you are always investing in volatile markets.

It is always possible to make money in the market. If the stock does not work, then you can consider buying ETFs, or exchanging exchange-traded funds, including stock "baskets" such as mutual funds, but stock trading. There is no minimum amount, in general, the cost is lower, you can buy one or more ETF shares, unlike some funds. Another vehicle investor turned to options – call and put options, as well as those that allow you to trade short- or long-term markets and take advantage of greater profit or loss of profit. You should know that you are using these derivatives and spend some time learning how to trade options first!