Indian national costumes on the global market

Like Chicken Curry, Indian national costumes have stormed the world. With world-renowned designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar, India is slowly becoming a hot global fashion destination, and ethnic clothing is making its presence felt stronger than ever. Why the West should not be fascinated by Indian fashion? Fashion in India has thousands of years behind the tradition. India is a rich and diverse textile heritage, each region of India has its own local clothing and traditional clothing; it is a game for almost designers

India is known for its culture, values ​​and design . India's versatility and craftsmanship are highly regarded in thousands of years. Indian clothing has grown exponentially in foreign markets as Hollywood celebrities and global fashion brands have adopted Indian apparel and accessories on red rugs

Indian inspiration has moved to Hollywood and even the White House has dropped a deep Spells. First Lady Michelle Obama is famous for its eclectic fashion sense and has recently been found in Indian-style designs.

With the advent of globalization and the advent of the Internet, Indian designers are slowly moving into the mainstream.

With the advent of globalization and the Internet, Indian designers are slowly entering the mainstream Fashion western, bringing surprising changes. The exotic designs developed by Indian designers have had a huge impact on the focus of Indian fashion trends. These designs, along with the grand craftsmanship, have increased the acceptability of Indian garments in the international textile market. Today, western fusion garments are one of the world's most demanding garments. But this cultural exchange is two-way. When the Indians were hooked to the McHamburger and the pizza, moving from the Bollywood dance to the Pashmina shawl, all India seemed to have a huge impact on Western countries. Many Western designers have found that Indian culture is a bottomless pit of color, style and craftsmanship.

The story of returning home is no different. Although the influx of Western brands, but the charm of Indian national costumes has not diminished, in fact, a substantial increase in demand for Indian clothing. According to the latest study by the Indian Garment Manufacturers Association (CMAI), the Indian apparel market will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate

India's e-commerce portal has an open flood gate to the world to buy Home who can have a real taste of the Indian national costume. Shopping for Indian clothing has never been so easy for global and Indian consumers. Today, many designers have a unique relationship with a variety of e-commerce portals to help them reach out to the masses. In addition, the e-commerce website selling racial costumes has thousands of alternative products, for the general physical store, it is almost impossible to accommodate such a large collection.