Indian Railways – India's Pride

Indian Railways and IRCTC share an important model within the central government agencies. Since its inception in 1857, IRCTC has been the best service for the Indian Railways. Indian trains run between 7100 stations in the world's fourth largest railway network and more than 61,000 coaches. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Touring Company Limited) has the momentum of online operations to enter online operations.

Delhi Metro Railway Corporation, DMRC is an integral part of the Indian Railway, which was introduced in 1995. The latest DMRC achievement was the successful completion of the Delhi metro line prior to the Federal Games. Of course, Delhi Metro is an example of flawless technology and perseverance. Like the IRCTC, the Delhi Metro brings honor to the Indian Railways

If you visit the IRCTC website, you will encounter vacation offers, hotel reservations and rail packages. Prior to the IRCTC, rail reservations were made through ticketing counters at the railway station or at any public service offices. However, with the advent of IRCTC, rail booking can be done online, and it has become a painless thing. You can get etickets on this site. Students traveling with students should carry a photo ID with a recognized school / college photo. Other passengers should bring the National Bank passbook and photograph. This is effective from 15 June 2010.

Rail booking can be almost any class. From AC coaches to disability support, everything can be booked online at IRCTC. The Indian Railway Corporation has an extensive feedback mechanism set up to generate general public comments on all Indian rail operations, including the IRCTC. Such efforts help the government. The organization is consistent with the needs and expectations of the public. So far, Indian trains have made significant progress, such as Delhi Metro, building new stations, carrying out better reforms, IRCTC and disability support services to help billions of passengers a day at ease.

Arriving at the destination by train is always fun. From departure to arrival, you will enjoy countless experiences; the variety that you go through

Did you know that the Indian Railway IRCTC portal is the largest and fastest-growing e-commerce site in the Asia Pacific region? Well, there are online users who make their rail bookings It is no wonder that IRCTC has received numerous awards for its contribution to the community of travelers