Indian Stock Market Analysis 2010

Most of the major Indian stock exchanges are the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Before investing in stocks traded on the Indian Stock Exchange, you must conduct stock market analysis so that you can get more money for your investment.

Indian Stock Market Analysis 2010:

India's stock market, including the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, Better than the previous year, the index fell sharply in the previous year. But in 2010, the stock market performed well. The stock lost most of the value in 2009. But it is an advantage that investors who sit on a lot of cash to buy some cheaper basic stocks.

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[194590002] For example, there are many basic stocks doing well in the market. But due to the recession and the US financial crisis, the Bombay Stock Exchange's feeling from 21,000 levels of all time high index value dropped significantly. At that time the stock was very high. When prices began to fall from 21,000 points, the prices of fund stocks began to fall, and in 2010 these stocks were sold at cheaper prices, such as Reliance Industries, the National Bank of India, ICICI, and Indian Power. . So it's a good time to accumulate these stocks at a cheaper price to get more money.

Next Steps: How to Buy Stock

You can purchase these basic shares through online trading. You can submit an online application to open a trading account.