Instagram as a shopping platform

Instagram as a media-sharing application for personal and any visual attraction, Instagram branch to the field of e-commerce

It will soon launch an online shopping Feature retailers and shoppers will find it very convenient

Social giants are well aware that mobile commerce will go beyond personal computers in two years or even earlier, so it will become one of its cornerstones

What is the new feature of Instagram, it can be used as a promotional channel for your product and is more suitable for your online store.

As for your potential customers, they will be able to see

How to sell on Instagram

Routine Instagram between you will find Instagram

Now that if you are not a fan of this visual media sharing app, but consider it as a potential source of income, just prepare high quality photos and highlight your product.


When a user clicks the click to view the product in the lower left corner of the photo a label will appear on each item that will appear on each item. Name and price.

Once they click on the label, they will be browsed to a page that shows the complete description, special features and accessories – if there are

when the customer is there, they may choose the product details Click to purchase the link now and redirect it to your website

Know who buys from you

Instagram Received

Using Instagram's shopping function gives you the opportunity to promote your product and double your sales.

In addition to increasing your sales, the shopping function also gives you access to Instagram Insights, which provides important information to help improve your marketing strategy.

Instagram Insights will record your followers according to their demographic factors;

The most important thing is that through Instagram's shopping function, you can see who you buy from your store Which products have a high demand.

Is this not worth exploring something?

Are you already a smart person or planned to become a more in order to sell?