Insurance Sales

I am an insurance salesperson and I think most of the business is terrible. That's what i mean

Every day if not almost every hour I'm close to a new one who wants me to sell them for their products. The pitch is always the same.

If I sell their products, I will get a higher commission. Experience tells me that it's just a lie. Almost all the commissions paid by the insurance company are the same. The difference is that these marketing companies stand out. They all want me to sell their products so they can earn more money, my hard work and my personal marketing investment

It's pretty good that they have, I work and they get paid

Think of an insurance product, such as a three leg stool. A line is the interests of customers, a line is the interests of the company, the other line is the interests of the market people. At any time, one leg is added more than the other leg. All three legs need to be equal or used. So when a marketing company gives me a "crazy" commission, I know where it came from … company, no! It comes from the customer.

All aspects need to be fair,

I always use the GREED word to replace the service word. What do i mean I need to serve? I deal with my own application, I transfer my own money, I offer my own policy. What kind of services do they offer? You are right, no. For a marketing company to cancel my sales, they can do a lot, not the service I care about. What can they do?

o pay for marketing and

o pay bonuses

Then there is always to stop them on their tracks. I will never do business with anything that did not give me two things:

1. Pre-release, so I can move at any time without their permission

2. Completely reveal how much of their sales to me

Let them tell you that always ask for full disclosure. Disclosure is not their favorite theme, and in fact few people will share their contracts. Hold your land, because they will eventually show you. If they do too much coverage if fair? The answer is yes! There are several marketing companies out there doing great work and offering enough benefits to actually win coverage. Search for them; they are the ones who do business with them. This is my favorite:

o Fiscal Independent Group (Chart Marketing) … North Carolina

o Northwest Planning … Spokane, Washington

o Annuity source. Washington

o Brokers International … Iowa

Frankly, I really like selling insurance. It provides me with a good income, as well as the full management of my time. Choose the best marketing partner for you, but always ask for disclosure. Best to be happy to share