Interesting Facts about Octopus Habitat

Cracks and cracks in marine rocks are common octopus habitats on any ocean floor in the world. The octopus world is a fascinating voyage underwater ecosystem

Octopus habitat will depend to a large extent on the type of octopus. Most octopus lives in temperate oceans, except for giant Pacific octopus, making it home in the North Pacific. Most octopus likes the seabed for their home, although there are varieties that live at least part of the surface of the open ocean. Areas with the highest concentrations of octopus in the oceans are coastal areas, coral reef areas, benthic seabed or submarine areas.

There are some similarities in all types of octopus habitats. Octopus is a cephalopod, with a completely bony-like structure. Therefore, these creatures are very flexible; they can squeeze their bodies into the smallest corners and skulls to avoid predators' attacks. They are nested creatures, create a house in the seabed or near such crevices, and sometimes even dig a hole on the beach to develop a hole. Their family offers a hidden place from the predator, and a place where stocking and hatching eggs. An interesting fact about octopus is that it will collect shells from crustaceans or rocks and build a fortress around its opening to cover it.

Octopus habitat There are several types of marine life as its food. Small crabs, fish, crustaceans, snails and even other octopus provide a nutritious diet for the creature. To eat, octopus on hand the suck ares ares ures ures. The The The The The The The The The All the weapons will gather prey, and close to the octopus mouth, beak is used to bite prey. Anesthesia saliva is injected into prey for softening the flesh;

Shark, eel and dolphin share octopus habitat but not friendly. These creatures are octopus predators. Often, octopus tries to escape by capturing any other surface color, pattern, and texture; it becomes invisible or it will emit a black ink that makes the senses of the attacker feel dark enough to escape the octopus.

Octopus is a fascinating creature; smart, fun and curious, and is a complex ecosystem member. The underwater world is a marvelous balanced ecosystem in which octopus habitat is a valuable part