Internet marketing – the smartest idea

I have just encountered the most advanced way to sell the product. It was a simple idea that I could not believe that had not done that before, and of course I wanted to think of it. However, now that I know how it works, I will use this myself.

Man who created this very simple but very viral way of working is Jon Davies, who comes from the UK. It is nice to see that the ancient state can still produce great ideas.

Jon produced an e-book that clearly illustrates the operation of his system. It was not very long, but it was written well and persuasive. Is essentially a description of the system, a description of the additional bonus and a link to the next stage

He then makes a short but well-written e-mail that points the recipient to a page of his electronic Book available. Its wording is interesting so that most people click at least.

When they got there, they read the sales letter again not too long, but very convincing, and take action only to download e-books for free. Who can resist this offer? We all like free information. I believe he got a very high download speed.

Now, this is really smart place. When you download e-books, you can know exactly what Jon's system is running, but most importantly, he explains how to use the same e-book, the same site and sales letters to operate the same system and sell him Exactly the same way to provide the product. But the most important thing is that you can keep 100% of the profits.

As a very low return on the purchase price of a very low product, the intention to sell the maximum number but the very high value purchaser can use and copy the entire system, but all the proceeds will go to their account instead of Jon.

Now I'm gonna tell Jon how to make it impossible for me to do this because I do not want to steal his thunder like a good movie critic and i want to encourage you to go to the movies but i do not wanna destroy you

But I would say that I believe this is one of the cleverest and most effective viral marketing activities I've ever seen, and I will copy Jon's ideas to my next product release. View yourself in the link below