Introduction to Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is the traditional and most popular costume worn by Indian women.

The beauty is that these clothes both like the general also like occasional wear. It is very popular among women in India. Not surprisingly, its popularity has crossed the border and captured the hearts and minds of women around the world

During this time, suits and sarees have developed to a great extent. There are many versions introduced. They are often called "Punjabi suits" because the dress is mainly worn in Punjab.

These clothes define the latest trends in salwar kameez. These clothes are divided into three parts, two parts of the three parts are salwar and kameez, the third part is packed together

Salwar: Salwar is considered to be loose pajamas, looks like pants. The bottom is rather narrow and the top is wide. In salwars, the legs are wide and toward the ankle conical. It is very easy to carry the traditional salwars, offering considerable space for free movement

Kameez: Kameez or Kurta is the top set. It is a knee length flowing shirt, can be said to wear in the sturgeon or salwar above the robe. There have been many variations and trials with the long-term kameez and kurta, but the ultimate length is maintained to the knee. The side seams are usually kept open and provide a great deal of freedom for the wearer to move.

Dupatta: It is considered to be a long scarf and shawl, is a plain or a designer's work, usually worn by a designer who experimented with and used his creativity in front of the work area On the neck. A dupatta gives the ultimate touch to the overall appearance and the grace of the clothes. It completed the collection, and given great consideration and thought, in fact one bought a whole set of salwar kameez. The early women used to put it on their heads to keep it covered to respect elders or in religious ceremonies. It has now become a fashionable art, hanging on the shoulders, or hanging in the chest