Investing in stocks

Investing in stocks or stocks since the end of the Nigerian bank merger has become increasingly popular. Nigeria's stock market is rated as the world's best rate of return, which is the average annual return on investment evidence

Research shows that the world's 45 billionaires out of 4.2 billion through stock and stock Their wealth, most of them including the world's first, second and fourth wealthy people through the stock and stock to maintain their money

When you buy stocks of stock companies. This gives you the opportunity to raise your net worth through dividends, bonus issues and capital appreciation. Every investment decision is sensitive to interest rates

What is a stock?

Shares are certificates representing the percentage ownership of the Company and are expressed as shares. The percentage of ownership will obviously depend on the number of shares outstanding. Therefore, the stock represents your interests as a corporate investor

21 Tips for Successful Equity Investments

1. Investigate before investing.

2. Know when to buy. Each stock has its low and high period. Therefore, you must know when to buy stocks and make a profit.

3. Know when to sell. You know when to sell you have bought the stock. Do not hold more than the necessary shares.

4. Know how to use company news to buy the best stocks in the media or sell stocks to buy.

5. You must understand how earnings per share affect both the positive and negative aspects of the stock.

6. Do not blindly invest. You should understand and know why you invest in the stocks you choose to buy. You must determine what you are doing.

7. Your investment in the stock market should have capital appreciation and bonuses as your primary goal. When choosing stocks, consider the stock's bonus and price appreciation history.

8. Know when to enter the market, when to hold and when to exit the market. Do not let greedy burn your fingers.

9. Do not sell the stock because the price is falling, but sell because you know why prices are falling.

10. Do not buy shares after the closing date of registration. This will not be a wise thing.

11. Avoid emotional buying stocks. In the stock market, if you have to succeed in your trading, you must rule out emotions.

12. As an investor, you must have both short- and long-term investments.

13. You must diversify your investment. By doing this, you are expanding your risk.

14. You must have the principle of not buying stocks, you do not want to hold long-term. Make sure your stock per share is yours and that you can hold stocks for a long time.

15. There is an exit strategy. Do not be greedy. When you think of exit. Greed burns the fingers of many people.

16. Always make sure you invest in every point that will allow you to sleep at night close to your eyes. To ensure that the investment market bear the calculation of risk.

17. Always seek expert advice when investing

18. Do not follow the crowd to invest. Make sure you put your money on the stock is worth it. It's not every public offer you should buy. If you have to buy, then you must know why you are buying.

19. Stop dealing with untrustworthy stockbrokers.

20. Learn how to use the company's financial statements to assess stock performance.

21. Patience is required in the success of equity investments. Do not rush to make quick money, so as not to burn your fingers