Investments $ 20 – Can you double in a week?

$ 20 may not sound a lot, but in a very short period of time may become $ 1 million. In an investment and compound world, even a modest $ 20 bill can also be a capital account, which will become huge. When you earn money for money, you can see some very magical things that start happening.

The return speed is equally important. Let's take $ 20 bill as an example. Can you find a way to turn $ 20 into $ 40? If you can double 17 times each time, then you in the 17th trading time, you will have more than 1.3 million US dollars.

Have you ever wondered how to double $ 20? This is actually very easy, I do not think there will be readers to consider this point, then there will not be some on how to $ 20 bill doubled into $ 40 idea. But how do you double $ 650,000 which is the sixteenth deal or step?

If you can invest $ 20. In other words, buy $ 20 stuff, when you re-sell, you can buy back $ 40, then you can also do it at a higher level The main difference is the speed of your return. Doubling $ 20 would not only be easy but not time consuming. Maybe you can even find a chance and sell it in a day. If you have to add another $ 650,000, you will need to find something like a house or business, which takes time to buy and take the time to sell, but you can still do that. In addition, you can not earn 100% of a single transaction in real estate, maybe in a period of time you can do 3 3% of the deal. But it is possible to do