Is an old Palm Pilot suitable for anything?

Ten years ago, Palm Pilot was "smartphone". Although they do not have a phone function, there are still a variety of applications that people use them anytime, anywhere. Today, the old Palm Pilot is a completely dead market because now there are so many devices that can do the same thing and more things. But because they are very cheap to use, so you can still buy one and use it for several practical applications.

Users who have used must not exceed $ 40. This is a device with hundreds of thousands of practical applications, can save 12 hours of battery life. What can you do with it?

The old palm pilots into e-book reader. There are many applications that can convert documents from desktop to handheld. You can also read PDF on the palm pilots. Thousands of free print books and many PDFs on the Internet, this old Pocket PC can become a portable book reader

Many mobile games usually spend quite a lot of money on free equipment. Place more than a few games and carry it at those moments down without having to use your cell phone battery.

Calendar and Task Manager are pretty good software. While some people may now do this with a cell phone, these features with palm pilots still apply to those who may not have a smartphone capable of performing these functions

Although this is a rigid, there are many that can be used device of.