Island Property – Where to buy in Vanuatu

Deciding to own an island property can change life. Many people like to keep the pressure of urban life behind, investing in tropical and distant real estate. One of the countries that are experiencing substantial growth is Vanuatu. In the past two decades, the population has increased by more than 100,000, the current real estate prices are still very low – the island's property value is expected to continue to rise.

While island life sounds like a good idea, not many people know where to start in Vanuatu. The country is a subtropical archipelago, consisting of 13 large islands and 70 islands. Efate is the most populous island with more than 50,000 inhabitants. It is also the tourist center of Port Villa, Vanuatu, with plenty of shops, markets and picturesque beaches. The larger islands have all the facilities you may need, and it is usually easy to get from the surrounding islands.

[1945900] Arrive by boat.

On the main island, property prices are still incredibly low to an incredibly low level. The Santo Hotel has beautiful views, convenient beach access and large areas such as Luganville and Aore Island, with an area of ​​less than $ 200,000, but in some parts of these areas, the area can be purchased only $ 80,000. As investors take into account the potential of the country and the value of real estate grows, you will certainly get a healthy return on any investment. Espiritu Santo is one of the first places to see, but the surrounding islands are their own great opportunity home

Although the main center is the development of prime locations, some people want to see Have their own island to become a reality. In Vanuatu, it is entirely possible to achieve this dream. The archipelago is only $ 300,000 (the price of family housing in most countries). The opportunity to build and develop is rich, or if you just want a beautiful place to call yourself, then Vanuatu is the perfect place. As the island is so close, you will never surpass the boat from one of the facilities or the main center. Let your dream lifestyle be realized in Vanuatu