Just make money by writing every day – 5 tips

Want to use your writing skills every day online to make money? Millions of websites need your words, so you can have money flowing into your PayPal account every day.

Let's take a look at the five tips that let you start.

1. You are a merchant and therefore provide samples for sale

As a seller of writing services, your potential customers want to know what they are getting.

So how do you create a sample?

[1945900] There are two ways. First, look at all the writing you do for the job. Can you use these materials as a sample? (Of course you will ask before using the product.)

The second method requires you to quickly create a sample when you need it. You are magically creating thin samples. This is a good way to develop a fast "portfolio".

Let's see how this works. You visit an outsourced website and select the item you want to bid on. Then just write an example to show the customer what you can do. If the buyer wants an article about photography, please write a 500 word article. Whether you win the project or not, you can use this article in your portfolio.

2. You start from scratch – you will take some time to scroll

I recently received a desperate writing student's phone: "I have already bid on the X site with 50 bids and have not won any items!"

My answer is: "You just started and then add 100 to 200 bids and you will spend time rolling, but as long as you can handle more jobs to continue bidding."

Remember , Buyers are investing in projects, but also business.

My students put 80 tenders and then won two items in the day and five projects next week. Then she had to start rejecting the project because she was too busy

3. The experience is equal to the money – build your portfolio and feedback / witness

The more experience you have, the more busy you are, so the more fees you can charge.

Every feedback you receive, and all the witnesses will increase your income. So when you start, focus on building your portfolio and your feedback.

4. Your website is easy to market – miracle into the packet

Your site may be a source of endless writing work, but do not expect to get a lot of customers on the first day. It takes time for your site to send buyers from the search engine. The longer your website is online, the more traffic.

5. Always keep your customers – use licensing marketing

When you get a customer, ask them to agree to keep in touch with them. Once you have 50 to 100 past customers, you will never need to find writing jobs again – they will make you busy.