Larry Silverstein and Bernard Mendik-Vornado Realty Connection

Many people find it hard to see trees when it comes to 9/11. So much of the horror, so much information, so much conspiracy theory, so much fear, do not want to be seen buying theory, or even look at the evidence provided if they are regarded as a "traitor" we all know The famous Bushville commentary has got into the minds of the United States and into its emotional as a country lobotomy; "You're either with us or with the terrorists" and it does not give a lot of room to move or make informed comments ?

So, all the fears and paranoia are seen as a "traitor" and even "terrorists" by taser toting homeland security, the most like to just ignore the evidence. Muslims and terrorists go hand in hand, Jews and Israel work together, or with Israel in parallel? With regard to the use of the term "Jewish" on the 9/11 insurance article, Mr. Laurence Silverstein has said a lot about it, he is a billionaire for many years, has 99 years rent for the second largest crime scene of all time, the World Trade Center Is Auschwitz – Birkenau), it was even said in the context of the use of "Jews" is an anti-Semitism! However, why are people saying "Muslims" and "terrorists"?

But for the sake of fairness, it is necessary to make it clear that in the case of Jews or Jews, the Jews and Zionists need specific "Islamic fundamentalists" to have full control over Palestine and the Palestinian people Ethnic cleansing. After all, unless the Muslims, or people can not really become a jihadist, but a person can be a Zionist, not necessarily the Jews. However, if you are a very wealthy American Jew, you are likely to be a Zionist. But it is important to remember that the Zionist monarchy is only part of the world government under the control of the Bagus elite, and that the Jews are the chosen people, and the Palestinians or Israel whom the Zionists like to call it, Is the only home of the lost tribes of the Jews of Israel. I should add here that before I return to the heart of this comment by Lawrence Silverstein and the gang, Jews and Muslims have lived peacefully for hundreds of years before the Zionist plot to rule Palestine, The hatred between the two carries on endless publicity to the community just so that propaganda. But what is the purpose of this propaganda? What is its purpose? And how to plan the end of the new world order with the full support of the Western world?

Let's start with a hypothesis, for example: How could it be possible to take civil rights away from the West without fighting? Better yet, the public voluntarily surrender this power? First of all, if I am the master of the "Terminator" and the master of the puppet, I imagine we need a scapegoat, no better than the Muslims, because they have a lot to offer. After all, it is mainly in the Arab land, the greatest wealth and the largest pool of oil resources, plus the largest poppy field. Therefore, we decided that the Muslim Arabs were the first candidates for scapegoats. Then we need to let everyone do not trust and hate the scapegoat of the Muslims, not just crazy ignorant fundamentalist Muslims, and truly believe that they blow themselves and many innocent people after they will spend the rest of the time drinking honey in heaven Singing virgin. No, for such planning work, we must dislike all Muslims, men of women and children. We can come up with some great hints from Hitler; when he did the scapegoat of the Jews and the Gypsies, he did that. A good start is to lock them in a big concentration camp, we can do in Gaza, hungry, no sanitation without clean water, no work, no freedom, nothing! We do not let them out unless we say

To make them feel absolutely hopeless, we need to hunt, harass and humiliate them, shooting strange kids and women in the back to go to the store is good, "crazy"! Let them hate us! Let them be so insane that they will do anything to avenge their madness and then we will infiltrate through our own agents into the "cause" of Islam to nurture and recruit these madness. Then we financed and modified our frantic jihadists to take false flags for us! Wow! This works. We can destroy the alarming murder of civilians and blame it on "jihadi terrorists", as we did in the 1954 Suzanne Operation, hijacking "Archille Lauro" in 1985, bombing Israel in 1971 The Embassy of North Ayr, is long and truly impressive. Not only that, we need to do something terrible terrible things, so everyone in the name of security to hand over their civil liberties. Cutting the head of an American Jewish journalist in the camera would be stunningly powerful, which would scare away pants from them! Imagine TV in America! Fear is the key, and we should constantly remind the public that we are all under the "threat" of "terrorists." We will then create "offshore" detention camps, discovering that we can blame innocent men for their daily lives in plots and cells until we come to night, cross borders and kidnapping, and drag them into detention camps.

Here we will use a lot of torture and threats, and we will do equally disgusting things for their women and children, so they admit that they have never done anything. Oh, no trial, no legal process, of course not, it must be wrapped, can not let the bastard put forward innocent not in the crime scene and evidence. Great plan! We'd better stay away from the Habeas corpus! Oh, of course we've done it, great! We can control the entire Arab world, plunder all the resources, smashed the place, we will send our own company "reconstruction." All our rebuilding contracts are paid by the foolish taxpayers! We're smart, yes, who will stop us? We have a perfect excuse that we must go in and "get them" we will tell you that "we need to stop dictatorship" and "we need to spread democracy" to these murderous illegal regimes if half the American public stupidly believes the Fed is a The government agency, Kennedy was shot by a solitary gunman, and they would believe in anything! They do not even know what democracy really means? After all, we cracked down on democracy a few years ago and buried it with the Patriot Act; but to keep doing that, we need to keep it between ourselves, yeah! Just how much of us are our friend Larry Silverstein?

Larry Silverstein is a well-communicated person, born in Brooklyn, poor middle-class Russian – Jewish parents in depression, Larry is still growing up, doing all the things from Better family for boys. Larry was taught him to play the piano by his classical pianist, Harry, and read a lot of good books. Larry attended the New York Music Arts High School. But Larry's father realized that music and books would not make a lot of money in Brooklyn, so he turned his hand to become a real estate agent in the Brooklyn shortage of rented ragged loft space. Larry's parents lacked a penny, and they were more ambitious. Larry's family, while still relatively poor, survived rent commission, trying to get Larry through New York University. Larry, after graduating from New York University, has a new sense of business acumen, going to work for his father full-time. Larry, though, had a bigger plan than his father told Harry, as a middleman, just commissioned, not where the money was, to make money, to make a loft that really needed to have it. In 1957, they founded Silverstein Properties, as Harry G. Silverstein & Sons, and bought their first building in Manhattan. Larry has set up a ragged attic and cheap buildings about getting friends and family to invest in his purchase and refurbishment in the New York River Valley area. Now, Silver Stein can command some decent rent and actual income through the sale. Larry lacked the knowledge to develop his character in an earnest salesman, saying:

"You Must Believe It Sold" You have to sell passion.

In 1956, Larry married Clara, who met in the Jewish summer camp, family efforts began, Clara with her insignificant salary of $ 3,200 as a teacher to help families through these early family jokes was Clara At about this time, Larry's best friend, Bernard Mendelk, later a New York law school graduate, married Larry's sister Annette, who became part of the Silverstein family business, Three men Harry, Larry When Harry Silverstein died in 1966, Bernard Mendic and Silverstein's son Larry formed Silverstein and Mendik

Larry and Clara continues to have three sons of Salon, although Harvard educates and then marries, becoming a family manufacturer, but two young children, Lisa and Roger continue to work for their father, still working for the Silver Stein properties today

Silverstein's first big surprise came when he bought 11 West 42nd Street near Bryant Park, before it was renovated to the present day. Then he built West of Eleventh Avenue 42, in Manhattan under the city of 120 Broadway, a 1.8 million square-foot giant occupy a complete square block, walking distance to Wall Street .. By the eighties, Silverstein is a multi-millionaire, control over 10 million square feet Manhattan Residential and Commercial Real Estate

When Silverstein placed his eye on the WTC, his brother Bernard Mendik left Silverstein after divorcing Larry's sister and after the divorce, Silverstein Mendik business partners were also split. Mendik and Silverstein in the real estate strategy differences, Mendik want to build at the same time to buy Silverstein building.It is said that the split between Larry and Bernard, "Larry and Bernard had a mess afterwards," Mr. Mendik said of Mr. Mendik's departure from Mr. Silverstein's sister Annette. "Mendik is a very successful lawyer and real estate developer

Both had their own way until April 1997, when Be rnard Mendik, the legal brother of Silverstein, would be his best friend of his Vornado Realty Trust, a real estate investment trust listed on the New York Stock Exchange, said, "The combination of Vornado and Mendik's 40-year experience in the ownership and operation of the office building is expected to To create an active participation in the urban market power.

This was written by Lois Weiss in the Real Estate Weekly of March 1997

"One of the most interesting deals of the year, developer / owner Bernard Mendik agreed to trade his city's real estate portfolio as part of the Vornado Real Estate Trust, worth $ 654 million, including cash, stocks and debt. "

Mendik was very close to forming his own REIT when Michael D Fascitelli, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, was lured to Vornado Realty, who persuaded Mendik to join Vornado and Mendik to co – chair Vornado, but later resigned in October 1998 to "take care of his personal investments. Mendik was quoted as saying he was "strangled" by the company's bureaucracy, but after his resignation he was still a major shareholder of Vornado, the same company that competed against Silverstein and beat Silverstein's WTC port management in the initial bid Board

Mendik through his great success in the city and the strength to become very close friend of Rudolph Giuliani Mayor, this is a trusted friend, Mendik is headed by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani A business group that provides health, safety and other services around the central station, but Mendik was quoted as saying "the new group will not be politically motivated" when Mendik has ideas on how to do things and change the board

There is no doubt that by 2000 Bernard Mendic, former best friend, Silverstein's founding business partner and brother is now not only a major participant of the same equality as Silverstein, but a powerful force in the real estate sector Silverstein Properties bid for more than $ 3.2 billion, more than a year ago, as the chairman of the New York Real Estate Board of Directors, of course, is Silverstein's strongest rival

February 15, 2001 Vornado on WTC bid $ 50 million. It is said that at the end of March 2001 to mid-April at some point, Vornado "suddenly changed his mind," "suddenly quit." There are a variety of reasons, but there is nothing to verify any one version.

April 26, 2001 Larry Silverstein made the final bid for the WTC, only four weeks after Bernard Mendic was dead! On July 24, Silverstein's offer was $ 50 million lower than Vornado's offer.

Bernard Mendik, the majority shareholder of Vornado Realty, died on 28 May 2001 after a sudden "death". Only a few weeks later, Vornado "suddenly quit", after winning the bid, defeated the silver medal of the WTC. Official decision is "heart attack" Although a heart attack is often an unpredictable health emergency, many of his friends find it hard to believe because Mendik is the fact that they can tell a "very fit and healthy mind" Dick even played tennis on the day he died. He also has the best physician on a regular medical check-up that money can buy. Later he said that a heart attack was the result of a "blood disease," just over 72 years of age. Whatever the reason, Mendik's death is one thing in the affirmative, Vornado's bid to withdraw and Mendik's death left clear of the way

Mendik in his (REBNY), Mendik and the organization succeeded in eliminating the heavy "Cuomo" capital gains tax, which required 10 cents for each dollar and was passed through by the end of the ten-year tenure of the Board of Real Estate in his tenth year as Chairman of the New York Real Estate Board The state legislation reduces the transfer tax of 3% of the property that is only exchanged for gifts of stock instead of cash