LED shoes and shopping to consider things

LED shoes have become very popular. They are not only fashionable and chic, but also end up catching the eyes of everyone you meet. If you like attention and like to stand out from the crowd, then the bright shoes you should consider. Unlike the kids light shoes, only every step in, LED shoes remain lit.

The added lighting function should not interfere in any way with the feel of the shoe when you wear it the way. A good shoe is that you can wear comfortably like your regular shoes and it should not have any extra weight to drag you down.

Color Mode

If you are adventurous, then you will be looking for a shoe that can light up in a different color. Most LED shoes have different color patterns, you only need to use carefully hidden switches to match your preferences to switch. Consider the number of color patterns you can enjoy, and how you would like to work with the shoe.

Lighting Mode

When purchasing shoes, please consider the lighting patterns provided so that you can choose a pair of lighting patterns that will provide the results you want. Most shoes will have different lighting patterns to choose from.


How easy to control your lighting system is a good choice, you can enjoy a stable light or glowing light, or even a dancing light. You should ask the question here. Keep in mind that opening the shoe requires charging the same way as charging your phone. Most come with a USB cable, making it all possible. In addition to simple charging options, but also to ensure that it will be easy to control the color mode and lighting types. When you do not want them to open, you should be able to turn off the lights.


These shoes rely on batteries to light up your shoes. Long-lasting batteries will serve you longer. It also helps you understand how long you need to charge the battery and how long it lasts. Some very good shoes can last up to 8 hours. Choose a battery of shoes, as long as you feel right, you can meet your needs. It is also important to make sure your shoes have been tested for safety and are waterproof