Like many investors, I started buying Penny stock as a fun hobby. Trading stock – a fun hobby you can make a lot of money

Looking back now, I think it's just an extension of what I learned as a kid – you can make money with your hobby

When I was a kid, I liked the dirt and digged my dad and uncle went fishing Of the juicy earthworms. In fact, I like to dig worms than I like to fish (ok, maybe I'm a weird kid). So I thought, for my mom, when I jumped into the house one day and announced that I had just earned $ 3 by selling worms to our neighbors on the street, nothing surprises. I am only 9 years old, this is the first time in my life, I have made money myself. Better yet, I made money to do my favorite hobby. As a summer, I got more orders for my ripple worm, and I stuffed my coins with dollar bills and coins. By the summer, I've saved over $ 60!

For most people, "investment" is a very serious matter. When people set up an IRA and prepare for their eventual retirement, most people would think it would be crazy to add a penny stock to their portfolio. Penny shares usually do not get that respect.

However, some investors start trading a penny stock as an interesting hobby with an average annual growth rate of 3-5% like me. Start with a $ 500 to $ 1000 trading account, just play with it. I have a few friends from the beginning, mainly because they know I use penny stock to make money, they also want to try. However, they are still cautious, do not want to put all the money at the beginning. The good news is that you can earn quite a bit of money starting with only $ 500- $ 1000 because you can buy a certain amount of stock a certain number of stocks

I always like when my friends suddenly show up

… When they suddenly realize that trading Penny stock can easily make them more money than their "serious" investment

This is when they change The real motive is to choose my brain because they realize that if they have the right knowledge they can do more than a full-time income from trading pennies a week for just a few hours

Before I Give You (19459003)

] Set the target and turn it into a game

I noticed that many penny stock traders like to put their hobby into a game of kind, which really helps motivate you I want. They found a "keep score" approach to see if they could "win" the game. Some of my friends started out setting goals such as turning $ 500 into $ 10000 in a year

Please note that it is possible to turn $ 500 into more in one year because many part-time Investors therefore, but most people just do not understand this when they start trading a penny. Once the trader learns the ropes, they know how much they can make with a penny stock, and their goals become more ambitious!

] Sometimes the special knowledge allows you to find incredible transactions that others do not see Usually involves collecting tangible things that collectors think will be worth or better, but they are being sold for a price much lower than their actual value! They can then trade or sell their collected items with good profit, or in some cases pass them on to their children or grandchildren. To do this, it requires a lot of expertise. In fact, if you really know something about you, it becomes easier to find bargains at the bottom of the rock. You must have special knowledge necessary to identify values ​​that are not in the items that the seller sees. This is why collectors often go through garage sales and flea markets. They want to find something more valuable than the price tag, because the seller does not know the true value. Even if they know the value, they may not know how or where to sell professional items

One of my aunts has ever collected, sometimes selling profits, sagging glass. I remember how satisfied she would be when she would find something of value and then sell it out. The greater the profit, the more courageous she is. I remember when she was really young, her depressed glass looked like old rubbish, but for her it was a treasure because she knew how and where to sell it a very nice profit. I can still hear her talking about an old sunken glass plate, she found, "I only paid $ 1 for that piece and I sold $ 100!"

Penny stock is like that. The way to make the most profit is to buy the value that most people do not realize. You can acquire special knowledge (spend a lot of time, but it is fun) by yourself, or choose from experts with special knowledge. Either way, the profit potential is absolutely amazing!

Specialized in what you are most interested in

You can find a penny stock in any sector. As a result, many penny stock enthusiasts tend to "specialize" in areas where they have a strong interest. For me, I'm fascinated by new technologies and alternative energy, so I tend to stock in these industries. This is because I like to do research in these areas because I like the theme and make money from the stock I have chosen for one dollar

A professional department is a way of making the learning curve less steep.

[194590042] Making the most of your profits, you can make deals, which is an easy one to become an expert in the field, rather than trying to expand yourself to many departments, especially if you choose one

Sometimes, although I know a lot about new technologies and alternative energy, I still seek the help of experts in these fields because stock trading is not a full-time activity, 39; may know what the experts who study Penny stock life will know. Trading Penny shares is a very interesting hobby for me, but I admit that I have also come to the point where I also love money. It can really change your life. In addition, sometimes I buy cheap stocks, and I am particularly interested in the topic has nothing to do, when I get the right advice. I always check to make sure it makes sense, but I do not have to do extensive research if I get the right expert to choose. I developed a system to trade a penny stock, and I pick from the experts I trust. I decided a particular option is how much profit is determined by choosing a few weeks on paper or even months after the investment. The process of testing the selection can actually be a hobby of a super-interesting part