Low Temperature H2O in the Family

If you do not understand, consumers are paying attention to environmentally friendly lifestyles, that is, H20 found its niche market at home.

H20 at home to provide customers with non-toxic, environmentally friendly clean, home and personal care products, as well as a turnkey MLM opportunity,

[1945900] H20 was established in France in 2009 and was brought to the state, through the home party to introduce products to customers, online consultants on the H20 at home

The vision of the company is to protect the company's vision.

Environment, while providing customers with their products at home for a healthy life. [20459002] How to Become a Consultant

There are two ways in which consultants can begin.

1) Buy $ 99 Discovery Kit All necessities include: business supplies, training tools and personal websites.

2) Purchase $ 230 Execution Kit. This package comes with 42 items or $ 760 worth of merchandise.

How to make money at home

Obtain 25% -40% personal sales commission

Get party host


The host reward program makes it attractive for customers to consider gathering with friends at home.

Benefits of joining

* Value-Driven Companies (Green Ambassadors)

* DSA members (to promote trust in the company)

* Low Venture Capital (99- $ 230)

* Sales commission plus bonus and prizes

* Free Virtual Office (Orders, Orders, etc.)

* Online Tool Training Demo

Fine Print

* Free personalization website after 3 months of operation. The site enables customers to shop online and order online.


H20 at home is a low-cost start to enhance MLM opportunities, so that affiliate marketing staff have access to local customers and national customer base. If this is the opportunity you are considering, consider how to sell the product outside the company's personalized website. While the company's website contributes to your marketing plan, you need to add other efforts to achieve significant success. Here are some ideas

* Consider your blog about the experience of products, customers and all parties at home and reverse link to your company website to create more network traffic

* Consider taking a photo of the party and posting it to your blog so that your host's guest check out. So that they can register your weekly blog posts in order to access the pictures

* There is a laptop available in your parties so guests can register now for party photos and weekly blog posts

* Think about how to take care of your niche market. You may want to create a fun and educational blog