Make Money Now The Spot Market Drops

People buy and make money in stocks.

I recently noticed my financial knowledge of friends is their excitement about the stock market.

The prices are falling, but they are very excited. They have dollars in their eyes. They can think of is the rapid profit.

Many stocks are now trading at below-value. An example of a stock I think is below the value of the deal is Google, who now trades at about $ 300 per share. They traded at $ 600 a share early in the year.

My friends are watching the stock move up and down every day. They think of themselves, "I can make money fast …".

I like the idea of ​​buying cheap stocks right now. Do you buy low and sell high, right? Although do not forget the first rule of investment. Investing is good when you buy, not you sell.

If you buy now, the price is low. If the price picks up, you can sell a good profit. But if prices remain low, or lower. You hold on to a good stock for a few years and hope it will bounce back then.

To tell the truth, I think GE, Wal-Mart or Google is unlikely to close down. Although most people in the early stages of the financial crisis may think the same with the bank.