Make your pregnancy diary and convert it into video production!

This is a great way to record your pregnancy through the birth of your beautiful baby – to create a video produced from a static photo

Making a 9 month trip to the standard video requires a lot of Editors can turn them into regular items, and only 6-8 minutes of snapshots will definitely be watched over and over again


In short, you need to do some preparation for your own pregnancy video presentation. First there may be a baby photo of the mom and dad scans, as well as possible wedding photos (if applicable) may be very happy. Save these photos to a folder on the computer created for the project. And then start taking pictures of your various stages of pregnancy – usually you can get a digital image of the ultrasound image of your bubble in the womb!

When preparing your nursery, you can include these photos as well as those who take a bath from the baby if you have one. As Mommy's stomach grows, more photos should be added to the file. Record any milestone, that is, the first "Fight" date, the first kick, my father first thought the baby moved. All the precious moments.

Photos of the collection will lead to a beautiful new baby and some very proud of the parents of the photos

edit your video record of pregnancy, most of us have been installed in our computer Basic knowledge. If you are running Windows XP, then create the project "bones" of the software is now free. If you save a photo to a dedicated file, you do not need any time to merge the items. This is a very good way, mom filled in the last few weeks of waiting, waiting.

Each photo will be the "frame" in your video presentation. The software allows you to make each frame different in time, with special effects like fading and exiting every frame. It's really easy to do, a lot of fun.

But to make this project (and not your last one!) Become a very nice video, buy a copy of a product, such as a video show creator is well worth it. With this app, you can get step-by-step instructions (video) to show you how to add themes (baby, christmas, birthday, etc.) and add royalty-free music clips.

This software also shows you how to upload videos to sites like YouTube – so you can share your story as much as possible!

As your child grows up, you will use this new skill again – if you choose to make these types of videos for others, and may even be the beginning of your home business!